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Let's dish.

My favorite part of writing isn’t writing, actually.

It’s listening. Deep, curious listening is what brings out the right answers and the best stories. It’s why I studied journalism and fell in love with copywriting. 


Good listening requires asking the right questions and noticing even the seemingly insignificant details. Anyone can write a provocative headline. But a skilled copywriter and creative director delights in using those details to precisely communicate nuance and spark emotion. Through curious listening—to customers, clients, collaborators, anyone who will talk to me, really—I develop strategic copy that speaks to the reader and inspires action.


Away from the keyboard, I collect strange magnets from the places I visit and scour thrift stores for sport. If you love weird ideas and hate the Oxford comma, drop me a line.

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What I bring to the whiteboard

Services & skills

Creative Direction


Content Strategy


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Interviews & Market Research

Audience Research & Personas

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